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Action - Justice League - New Frontier


Justice League The New Frontier
Batman, Superman, Martian Manhunter
Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern 1 and 2
Warner Home Video 2008
75 minutes

I am not into superhero cartoon DVDs. You can then imagine my surprise to discover Justice League New Frontier has little in common with Saturday morning cartoons of yore and instead is a quality anime not for the kiddies. There are a couple of somewhat too gory for the younguns scenes but nothing anybody over ten can't handle. An older audience who grew up on Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and the other original version DC Comics characters will enjoy this movie as well as the various references to the fifties such as You Bet Your Life and Eugene McCarthy.


In fact in is the fifties feel and look that really make New Frontier stand out. The animators managed to reproduce the design, feel, and colors of comic books from the fifties while managing to keep everything very anime modern at the same time. The main story having to do with The Centre does take a while to flesh out as Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Batman, and so on are introduced or born and have their moment. The final battle is really cool.

Though the animation here is really quite good there are a few short moments where you really get the impression the Z team of animators did some of the work. A perfect example is the scene where Wonder Woman is having a sword fight back home. I can draw better than that and the only superhero I can do is Stick Man. In fact the Wonder Woman scenes in general are the weak point of this DVD. I could not keep thinking of Bea Arthur.

There is an excellent special feature on this DVD, a 40-minute documentary Super Heroes United: The Complete Justice League History featuring Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame and geeks galore. Extremely interesting stuff though I draw the line when one of the ubergeeks compares Justice League comic books to classics such as Beowulf, King Arthur, and The Odyssey. Yeah, and Jughead is Shakespeare.

There are also two commentary tracks of the usual but more geekyish blah blah blah.

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