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Documentary - Project X - Light

Project X - Light
Project X - Light
Thursday March 6th 2008 7:30 P.M.
30 minutes

The problem with getting an advance copy of a show's episode is you can get hooked and want to watch the entire series. This is the case for Light, the March 6th 2008 episode of the Project X science series that airs at 7:30 P.M. on the CBC. Hosts Drs. Jennifer Gardy and Brian Fleck who they look like they came straight out of central casting for a CSI episode are the real McGiver scientists. They introduce younger viewers to a new topic and the latest developments in its field in each episode. The preview I got was the episode on light and it really does shine a new one on it.

CBC tags Project X as the tabloid science show. This may not be the greatest way to present it. This is certainly a hipper than most show about scientific progress, discoveries, and stuff. There is a certain MTV and How It's Made style approach for a younger audience but make no mistake: the cool style of the show does not detract from the quality and veradicity of the information. Project Light and, I am pretty sure, the other episodes in the series are something high school science teachers will want to tape for class.

Project X Light begins with Harvard professor Rena Howe who managed to stop light. This involves a lot of work and, as she actually puts in in the show, "a whole bunch of optical gizmos". Just hearing a serious scientist say "gizmo" is kind of cool. This segment could have been longer, especially since the next segment is on the use of light in crime scenes to find things not seen by the human eye and there is nothing new here for anyone who has watched a crime show or two.

The next segment is on the importance of light in nature, especially underwater, and the origin of the human eye. This too is a fascinating segment and, again, I wish there had been more.

Other Project X shows will include memory, speed, heat, and food.

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