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Mainstream - Strawberry Shortcake - Big Country Fun

Strawberry Shortcake Big Country Fun
Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin, Angel Cake
Fox Home Entertainment 2008
43 minutes

I reluctantly watched this as the reviewer scheduled for Strawberry Shortcake Big Country Fun bailed on us -fathers with kids you know, always busy. Weirdly enough, I rather enjoyed it even if everything is presented through rose colored glasses (even the chili in the cook-off). The animation is good, the story interesting, the gags are fun, and there's a message here and there that isn't preached at the viewer. It is easy to see why parents and little girls would enjoy this family DVD

In Big Country Fun Strawberry Shortcake goes to spend a couple of weeks working at the Berry Prairie Dude Ranch run by Annie Oatmeal. On her way there Strawberry discovers her friend Angel Cake is going for the same job. Friendship reigns though and both girls end up working on the ranch. They talk Annie into starting up the bunkhouse rivalry contest as long as it does not get out of hand. It will as there is a lesson to be learned about healthy competition. There is also a clumsy camper, Plum Pudding, who must get confidence in herself and help the girls learn the importance of team work. There are also a lot of horses involved, something else that will please little girls.

The second story involves Carmel Corn. Corn is having problems keeping the farm going. Fortunately Strawberry Shortcake shows up to help. Corn is a very imaginative girl who came up with a few contraptions to help her farm. This time around there is an evildoer who wants to close down the farm for his nefarious ends. Fortunately a little teamwork and detecting will resolve the case of the purloined piglets, missing muttons, and so on.

I admit I liked the imagination in this cartoon and this is a very pleasant little world.

If you are looking for a very family friendly cartoon DVD with a good story, good animation, this will do the trick. The girls do say "Shoot!" however.

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