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Documentary - Gardening Confidential - CBC June 14, 2008

Gardening Confidential - CBC June 14, 2008
Gardening Confidential
CBC Television
June 14, 2008
10:00 P.M.

My horticultural talents kill plastic plants but if you have even the palest green thumb you must definitely watch Gardening Confidential (and record it for future, repeated viewing). This CBC documentary which airs June 14, 2008 at 10:00 P.M.  is eye candy for anyone who has a patch of land in the back yard to grow stuff. This is an informative, international, whimsical hour or so on things that grow in the night.

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My Chia pet's named is Kojak but I found this program on earthy folks with growing concerns quite entertaining. I am sure weekend and serious gardeners will be jealous of the Italian gardener in Manchester U.K. who can grow citrus trees, coffee, 5-foot carrots, and 6 pound green onions. The first section of this show focuses on the love for gardening the British are famous for, including a quick visit to the Tatton Park horticultural show. Gardening fans will wish the crew had spent a bit more time there but Gardening Confidential is really a reader, an eye popping reader, on the topic. Whoever worked the camera for this CBC documentary sure has an eye for gorgeous photography.

Next is a section on garden tools. I am surprised nobody has re-marketed the combination weed-wacker putter or the dandelion only mower. Anybody with a lawn will salivate at the robot lawn mover complete with its own little dog house.

This show is a montage of short capsules on various aspects of the topic. A viewer will also get information on the New York City Botanical Garden. The process of growing a boxwood tree at a horticultural center is neat to know and leads to a bit on topiary.

Perhaps my non-existent talents at growing things would best be applied to virtual gardens on the internet which are, pardon the pun, a growing concern.

Other bits include a guy in the Hebrides who can actually grow stuff there, the gardens at Riker's Island, a spiritual garden in Etobicoke, the garden impressionist painter Monet created, tools to get rid of creatures such as the hedgehog. It closes with information on scientists working on what will grow on Mars,

If there is one weakness in Gardening Confidential is the many capsules are a bit too short. Perhaps a two-parter would have been better. I am sure gardeners will want the CBC to make this program into a series.

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