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Action - Hitman - Richard's Review


Hitman - Unrated
Timothy Oliphant, Dougray Scott, Olga Kurylenko
Directed by Xavier Gens
Fox Home Entertainment 2008
100 minutes

Movies based on computer games suck. Hitman is the exception. This action movie based on the eponymous Eidos game works even if you are only familiar with the game from seeing it in a bargain bin. I like this kind of movie when it does not fart around, has lots of explosions and guns, cool stunts, and an actual story and not just an excuse to tack on another few minutes before the next special effects scene. Granted, the plot here is a bit thin and the movie is a bit too much cat and mouse game but it works.

Bald guy and hitman Agent 47 - probably no relation to Agents 86 and 99 of Get Smart fame-does a job and everything goes wrong. Predator becomes prey with a cute babe along to keep him company and make teen boys watch this DVD again and again. Though many want 47 (Timothy Oliphant) dead one man working for Interpol (Dougray Scott as Mike Whittier) wants him alive. The movie is basically a flashback from the moment 47 asks Whittier what would make a good man want to kill.

Hitman is certainly an interesting game to big screen transition. Scenes not involving Agent 47 look and feel like any other movie. Each time 47 is on screen the camera angles, the set decoration and colors, and the angles in the scene itself give it a computer program look and feel. This is a cool idea, especially since it works and does not get distracting.

Willing suspension of disbelief is constant aside from the fact the good bad guy is a bald guy with a bar code on his cranium: how hard an APB would that be to match considering he never covers up? The fight scenes are cool and originally filmed even if 47's approach to using guns is a bit over the top.

Olga Kurylenko plays a more or less damsel in more or less distress. She is not a great actress but has enough talent to wear minimal clothing and lose what little she wears from time to time.

It is an interesting comment on world affairs that the Russians are once again pretty bad guys. After the Berlin Wall fell the only bad Russians were rogue army elements but not anymore.

Hitman is a very enjoyable action movie DVD.

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