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Mainstream - Ice Age - Meltdown


Ice Age The Meltdown
Scrat, Diego, Manny, Sid
Blue Sky Studios 2006
Fox Home Entertainment 2008
91 minutes

Ice Age The Meltdown is a great animation and family DVD. The real reason to buy this release however is the bonus Scrat cartoon No Time For Nuts in which Scrat finds a time travel gizmo and he and his precious acorn drop in on Excalibur, Ben Hur, a movie based on a Celine Dion song, and a few other periods in time and history. No Time For Nuts is absolutely brilliant and the computer animation superb. Second to the Scrat cartoon is the vulture's musical number. There are a whole bunch of other cool bonus features too.

The title of this second offering, Ice Age The Meltdown, says it all. This is a movie for everybody in the family though it is a bit more adult oriented (some light sexual innuendo and fart jokes -the dung beetle asking if he really has to bring this crap with him) than the formulaic original. This time around Manny, Diego, and Sid must leave their enchanted valley because everything is melting and there will be a great flood. This sets up an episodic, great gag driven story.

The animation is superb but it is the writing that really makes this DVD interesting. There are many, many great little moments here such as the vulture traffic report or some animals behaving much like humans in front of impending disaster or doom and just these keep you interested. Diego playing whack-a-mole is a personal favorite.

Scrat and his acorn always steal the show of course.

The subtitles on The Meltdown are crap. In a scene fairly early on in the movie Sid starts singing the top 40 extinction songs. Later on, the vultures do a great, dead on (heh heh heh) version of the Oliver! Food song. The subtitles only offer "Singing".

Extra features are plentiful and include a few play on the TV screen games, deleted scenes, nature reels, and so on. First release versions include a bonus disc with a special on Horton Hears A Who and 3 more Ice Age Meltdown games and short behind the scenes specials.

The filmmaker's commentary is the usual lame stuff so it sounding like it is coming from a broken dollar store speaker is no big deal.

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