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Mainstream - The Smurfs - Season One Volume One - Mom Reviewed

The Smurfs - Season One Volume One
Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Gargamel
19 Episodes 2 DVDs
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008

This is volume one of the first season of the Smurfs. There are a total of 19 episodes on 2 DVDs enough watching to keep any kid happy for many afternoons. There are simply too many episodes to give a quick recap- but there are some interesting moments where we learn the origin of the Smurfs (and Smurfette) and lots of trivia about them.

Originally seen in a comic strip starting in the late ‘50's and then "brought to life" with this animated series in the early 1980's this set is a classic. The colours are bright and appealing, and the Smurfs haven't lost their charm with the passing years. The bad guy Gargamel is still really bad, hating every Smurf just because they are happy; his cat Azreal is equally disagreeable. The Smurfs are still cleverly innocent, (even if slightly ‘flat' character-wise). 

My kids really liked being introduced to the Smurfs (imagine - they only knew them as little plastic toys). They liked the fact that you could "smurf" just about anything, and it made sense.  They liked that the bad guy always got his just rewards in the end, and the Smurfs always came out on top. There weren't a lot of memorable messages/lessons in these episodes, other than ‘listen to your elders', and stay away from bad guys named Gargamel, but the entertainment value here is still high.  The kids just liked the Smurfs - they're cute!

If you were a fan the first time around, or if you want to introduce a new generation to the cute little creatures, this is a good way to start off.  There are lots of episodes to watch (another good thing - you can watch one or two episodes and then come back to it later), and no one will get bored with the amount of variety you have with this collection.

The Smurfs, Season One Volume One is a sure fire hit for kids for all ages.

Carolyn Genge

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