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Mainstream - Dennis The Menace - Trouble, Trouble Everywhere


Dennis The Menace - Trouble Trouble Everywhere
Dennis Mitchell, George Wilson, Ruff
Made For TV 1986
4 Cartoons 1 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2008
78 minutes

Dennis The Menace Trouble, Trouble Everywhere features four cartoons from the mid-eighties Saturday morning show. The animation is much better than average for a TV show and very faithful to the Hank Ketcham look and feel, a plus, and features the voice of Phil Hartman as Henry Mitchell and the always endangered Mr. Wilson. 3 of the episodes look like a decent VHS tape, the other a little worse. They certainly are not as crisp as they could have been. Chapter selection within the episodes would have been a good idea. The price is right though.

The four cartoons on this DVD have Dennis the Menace travel around the world: Dennis in Venice, Mayan Mayhem, The Big Candied Apple, and A Royal Pain. This show does not waste much time setting things up so there is always something going on and Dennis is always getting in trouble. This is also due to the fact each episode clocks in just under 20 minutes opening and closing credits included.

The Venice episode has more Italian clichés than a plate of spaghetti, including the accent and Mamma Mia, but it is enjoyable. Dennis is in Venice with his friend Gina and rescues the Mona Lisa from a couple of thieves. Although no cartoon set in Venice will ever be able to top the Flintstones' Low Low Brigida gag, the jokes and situations here are original and fun. Parents will perhaps recognize a few animated scenes that are very, very close to the gondola scenes in a Roger Moore James Bond movie.

Mayan Mayhem, set of course in South America. For some reason, George Wilson goes on vacation with the Mitchells and he and Dennis get on the wrong plane. They end up parachuting in the middle of the last Aztecs or is it Incas who dress like American Indians and have the same cliché drumbeat.

The Big Candied Apple is set in NYC. Dennis goes to the Empire State Building, ice skating, and the Statue of Liberty. There's no plot in this episode aside from the Mitchells going from site to site and Dennis getting into trouble.

A Royal Pain is the fuzziest of these cartoons. At best, it looks like an often watched VHS tape. Again, it is a sightseeing tour episode with a lot of chase scenes inside Buckingham Palace. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the Mitchells allowed their son to bring his pet frog, lizard, and snake along to tease the Beefeaters. The queen in this episode looks nothing like the real Betty.

There certainly is not much if any educational content in Dennis The Menace cartoons on this DVD but they are fun to watch.

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