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Science Fiction - Doctor Who 104 - Tom Baker - Destiny Of The Daleks

Doctor Who 104 - Destiny of the Daleks
The Tom Baker Years
Tom Baker, Laila Ward, Tim Barlow
4 episodes 1 DVD
Originally aired BBC 1979
BBC - Warner Home Video 2008
99 minutes

Doctor Who Destiny of the Daleks is a pretty good 4 episode DVD. Those familiar with the series will be impressed by the amount and quality of the extra features: Commentary by Laila Ward, David Gooderson, and director Ken Grieve; a profile of Dalek creator Terry Nation; a recollection by Ken Grieve, optional CGI effect versions of some of the SFX in these four shows; half a dozen Australian TV computer commercials featuring Tom Baker and Laila Ward; production notes appearing as optional subtitles in all episodes; an Easter egg; and lesser stuff. The sound on this DVD is the original mono and the picture is generally quite crisp. This is something a Dr. Who fan will certainly go for.

Aside from the 21st century Doctor Whos I have never been a fan of the series. I felt there were too many doctors to keep track of, too much lore to be familiar with and referred to, and too many shows involving the Daleks who do get rather replicative if you ask me. Story 104 in the Doctor Who series, Destiny of the Daleks, managed to convince me to take a second look at other episodes in the series though not the Peter Cushing years. I still wish I could come across more than just Dalek shows.

In this story the good doctor and Romana, another time lord who looks a hell of a lot like Billie Piper) land on a planet prone to earthquakes. The planet looks a lot like an abandoned mining operation in Britain. The doctor and his companion try to figure out where they are, get separated of course. Romana is prisoner of the Daleks while Doctor Who is the guest of a bunch of Cleopatra era Egyptian looking folks, the Movellans, who have a penchant for while suits and Bo Derek hair. The Doctor and the Movellans have to figure out why the Daleks returned to their planet of origin. The Movellans have something to hide too aside from their terrible skills at rock, paper, scissors.

I enjoyed Destiny of the Daleks even if I am not even a casual pre Ecclestone Doctor Who fan and it is an episode featuring robots who sound and act like bratty little children having a constant temper tantrum. I really feel they overuse "exterminate" to the point it gets on the viewer's nerves. The exterminated humanoids in this episode sure fall carefully to the ground.

Destiny of the Daleks Easter egg: Select Special features then next go on Audio then left arrow. A green logo appears so click enter. I have no idea what the hell those things are but that's the Easter egg

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