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Documentary - Project X - Heat CBC March 26, 2008

Project X - Heat CBC March 26, 2008
Project X - Heat
CBC Television
March 27, 2008 7:30 P.M.

Project X is the half hour CBC science show with a way high cool factor. If you enjoy informative shows in general, the Project X series is really fun to watch especially since it keeps a perfect balance between knowledge and entertainment. Each week's topic is interesting and done in 7 minute or so capsules on its various aspects. The March 27 2008 7:30 episode is on heat.

The Project X series is very well done. It makes an effort to look and sound cool without dumbing down the science. The hosts are real scientists even if they do not wear lab coats and do not have Scotch Tape on their glasses. In fact, they look like lab extras from CSI. To keep things really interesting, the show combines the rhythm of How It's Made with the gadget cool trick approach of Mythbusters. The lab used to conduct experiments during the show is lit like the Batcave. There are always a few very gorgeous eye-candy like shots in every show.

The Heat episode opens with an exploration of how life in deserts is possible. Cool stuff. This segment is followed by one on thermodynamics or balancing heat and cold in an environment like Phoenix, Arizona. It includes a visit to a modern building, how pueblo buildings were made centuries ago, and the building tricks for a modern thermodynamic house. The last segment is on the heating and cooling system of the human body.

If you are a teacher, this is a show you really want to put on your agenda. This is certainly a show the network should make available to schools, especially high school teachers.

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