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Science Fiction - Jim Henson Fantasy Film Collection - The Dark Crystal

Jim Henson's Fantasy Film Collection
The Dark Crystal
Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Kathryn Mullen
Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz
The Jim Henson Company
Originally released 1982
Box Set Sony Pictures Home Video 2006

The Dark Crystal is one of three excellent Jim Henson Company fantasy DVD available in Jim Henson's Fantasy Film Collection along with Labyrinth and the very weird, visually stunning, and great Mirrormask. Although The Dark Crystal will certainly scare the little ones -the Skekses are particularly ugly looking and sounding muppets- it certainly is a movie the whole family will enjoy if it liked Lord Of The Rings or Labyrinth.

Of the three movies in Jim Henson's Fantasy Film Collection, The Dark Crystal is perhaps the slow-moving one, comparatively speaking of course. The movie opens with a bit of background information and some setting up before Jen, the only surviving Gelfling, goes on his quest for the crystal shard that will heal the dark crystal. This will save the Mystic world and stop the ugly and evil Skekses from ruling forever.

Like any other Jim Henson Frank Oz fantasy DVD, The Dark Crystal is visually amazing and technically flawless. You know Jen is a puppet but it moves fluidly. The creators certainly indulge and created some really cool looking stuff just for the sake of cool looking stuff like the contraption in Augra's cave. The trademark of a Jim Henson movie is its visuals and this fantasy DVD is no exception. Another bit of visual candy is the scene where Jen is in the forest after leaving Augra's mountain retreat right before he meets Kira, another Gelfling.

The weakness of The Dark Crystal, part of the 3 DVD Jim Henson's Fantasy Film Collection is that the creator and Frank Oz do indulge a bit too much in creature features and this makes the story move a bit slowly even for a patient adult viewer. Still, this is a fun fantasy DVD fans of the genre will enjoy almost as much as they will Labyrinth or the great Mirrormask.

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