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Action - Fantastic Four - Volume 3


Fantastic Four - Volume 3
Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Torch, The Thing
Created by Stan Lee
4 Episodes 1 DVD
Made for TV 2007
Fox Home Video 2008
89 minutes

I am old school when it comes to Marvel superhero cartoons and have a weakness for the '67 Spider-Man or Larry Lieber's 1966 series. I would love to see these shows again. Based on the Volume 3 DVD of the new series the 2007 Fantastic Four anime made for the Cartoon Network are quite enjoyable even if here should be a cool theme song. The fact Herbie, the superheroes' computer is very, very much like Eddie from the original Hitchhiker's Guide is a plus.

This version of the Fantastic Four is much closer to anime and further away from the original cartoons which looked to me more like the comic books and the Stan Lee look. The animation here though is quite good and the writing decent for such a series. What makes these Marvel characters work this time around is Johnny Storm has a sense of humor and likes to quip and play pranks.

The four episodes featured in Volume 3 are Annihilation, Doomsday Plus One, Out of Time, and Shell Games. In Annihilation, the Four are transported to another dimension where their powers increase to the point they become a problem. Doom is, of course, behind all this. The Fantastic Four must convince the bad guy from the other dimension Doom is a bad guy too.

Doomsday Plus One is the second episode featuring Dr. Doom. The story line sucks but I enjoyed this one better because of the morning pranks sequences and the entire building the Four live in gets lifted into space, landlord, tenants and all.

Out of Time has Reed invent a time machine only to send the Fantastic Four in a future ruled by Doom. The story has all the usual Trekkie style time travel conundrums but with a few twists. The Fantastic Four have to go back to the day they got their powers to set things back to the original time line.

Just because Marvel Comics' Iron Man shows up, I prefer the last of the four cartoons on this DVD, Shell Games. A giant version of Iron Man attacks the Four and Tony Stark joins in on the fight. Again, the story line itself ain't much but the cartoon if fun overall.

Fantastic Four Volume 3. Very average story lines, decent writing, good animation, great gags.

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