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Horror - Jeff Lindsay - Dearly Devoted Dexter

Dearly Devoted Dexter listing at Amazon.com
Jeff Lindsay
304 pages
Vintage (September 19, 2006)


Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay is a very quick read. A quick read can be the result of a number of factors but in this case it is the combination of skilled story telling, a great narrative voice and a twisted sense of humour that has you laughing when you should be cringing. Twisted just about sums up not only the sense of humour but also the macabre glee of Dexter Morgan blood spatter expert for the Miami Police Department and serial killer takes in discovering a new talent in the serial killer field in Miami.

Appreciating Dexter is a double edged sword. Dexter is everyman just to the Nth degree in his tastes and distastes equipped with a dubious moral compass that still manages to be politically correct. Dexter doesn’t quite make it as a true sociopath he has some close affection for his sister, he cares for children and even reviles child abusers, he holds a steady job and has never moved from the city in which he was brought up. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a murderous monster but the desire to connect to the world around him, whether through his girlfriend, her children or his sister is what differentiates Dexter from the sociopaths we meet in our work-a-day lives.

In Dearly Devoted Dexter, Dexter deliberates doing away with dutiful Doakes whose daily dogging of Dexter is disturbing his destructive desires. To the rescue comes a mysterious slicer of men who is not murdering, merely maiming, his victims in ways so creative that Dexter cannot help but be intrigued by this new player in the Miami mayhem pool.

Fast paced and tightly written Dearly Devoted Dexter deserves your attention if only to be aware of it – Dexter will become a cultural reference point on a par with Tony Soprano so you might as well learn about him now.

Denis Bernicky

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