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Documentary - The Mad, The Bad & The Ugly - CBC Newsworld

The Mad, The Bad & The Ugly - CBC Newsworld
The Mad, The Bad & The Ugly
CBC Newsworld The Lens
Tuesday October 21st 2008
10:00 P.M.
60 minutes

I am a fan of the documentary and the CBC and its many incarnations such as Newsworld and Documentary are a reliable source, usually.

The Mad, The Bad & The Ugly may have a really cool title but this look at drivers and driving doesn't live up to expectations.

Personally, I do not particularly mind if such a program does not teach me something but then I would like to at least be entertained or interested.

The Mad, The Bad & The Ugly fails to do that.

The main reason this The Lens show does not work is it is an ethanol electricity coal gasoline nuclear power fueled Hybrid created out of many different parts. You get cartoon animation, news clips, old film footage, old documentary footage, new footage, interview clips with English speaking experts, interview clips with French speaking experts with badly timed voice over translation, even a short Harold Lloyd movie clip and a John Wayne clip or two.

I've driven junkers that had fewer different parts.

I should have suspected something when this latest and up to date look at driving pretty much opened with that oft seen 50's clip of kids in pedal cars driving in a mock city.

I found it odd it did not cover trucks. At least 3 of the accident footage clips from the Ville-Marie or Lafontaine tunnels involve those road monsters crossing a double yellow line for no reason especially since they are supposed to stay in the middle lane.

The documentary does look at solutions such as the totally automated car -and I have seen a few people who think they already have one and have a DVD player or laptop installed in the front.

The most intriguing solution seems to be Holland's shared roadway approach where city streets have no traffic lights whatsoever, forcing people to think for themselves and be aware of others around them.

This comes too little too late to make this program interesting.

Oh well.

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