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Science Fiction - Jim Henson Fantasy Film Collection - Labyrinth

Jim Henson's Fantasy Film Collection
David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, Toby Froud
Directed by Jim Henson
The Jim Henson Company
Originally released 1986
Box Set Sony Pictures Home Video 2006

You will really enjoy Labyrinth, a great fantasy DVD and part of the Jim Henson Fantasy Film Collection with Dark Crystal and Mirrormask. Jim Henson brings us into his fascinating world of puppets in a tale about a young girl named Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly of A Beautiful Mind and House of Sand and Fog). Sarah is fed up with babysitting her brother Toby (played by Toby Froud and son of one of Jim Henson's collaborators). One night she gets so sick of her little brother, she wishes that the prince of Goblin City, Jareth, would take him away. This is the spookiest part of the movie, but don't shy away from this PG rated movie, it has a well balanced dose of humour ranging from absurd to slightly sarcastic.

When Sarah's wish is granted, she is forced to undertake a journey into the seemingly endless magical mystical Labyrinth, where things aren't what they appear to be. She meets Hoggle in front of the entrance. Hoggle is seen all through the movie, although he is a bit cowardly, he keeps on popping up whenever Sarah needs help or rescuing. This story is full of unpredictable twists and turns, with its talking rocks, farting swamp and big lovable critters. Ludo, another fun character, has a special talent that serves helpful on more then one occasion. Sara encounters many obstacles, funny characters and trivial questions. Nobody seems to be capable of helping Sarah. All the different situations she gets into just seem to keep her from her goal or lead her in the wrong direction. There is also plenty of music and colourful dancing puppets in Labyrinth and what more could a kid want in a movie.

The producer of this movie is George Lucas, the songs are written and performed by David Bowie; he also plays Jareth in the movie. The live like puppets are amazing in their Henson style genius; there are no two puppets alike. I enjoyed watching this movie even more as an adult and seeing my kids react to the same scenes I thought hilarious too.

This is a fantasy movie the family can enjoy.

Marie Noel

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