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Documentary - Buried At Sea - CBC The Passionate Eye June 22 2008 10:00

Buried At Sea - CBC The Passionate Eye June 22 2008 10:00
Buried At Sea
CBC Newsworld
The Passionate Eye
June 22 2008 10:00 P.M.
NFB 2006
60 minutes

Buried At Sea casts much too wide a net for its own good and the viewer's interest. It is not up to the usual quality of CBC's The Passionate Eye shows

This National Film Board of Canada documentary about what happened to all the munitions and chemical weapons after WW II navigates from country to country like a ship full of refugees looking for some place to land. This makes it difficult to really get engaged.

Basically, each segment goes something like this: Near -insert coastline Allied country-- there is a dump of WMDs including barrels of mustard gas and other chemical warfare ingredients, unexploded shells, and nobody really knows what else. These weapons have been sitting there for some sixty years and most of the containers are past their expected useful life. Nobody knows what can or will or does happen when these barrels leech out their toxic waste.

Buried At Sea does manage to make the point that all the countries involved in WW II basically deny or ignore the problem and they no longer even know where these WMDs were dumped and where the currents might have taken them.

The documentary does get the viewer's attention a bit more when it mentions the hydrogen bomb somewhere off the coast of Savannah, GA and the fifty or so other unexploded Russian and American nuclear devices somewhere at the bottom of the sea.

When former Navy men tell the government where the Savannah bomb might be the official response is, "It's not there. It's a natural occurring phenomena and not dangerous unless someone goes and disturbs it." Say what?

The NFB has done better. I remember stuff from my high school 16 MM projector days what was more interesting.

It's end of the regular season and playoff season in Canada and everybody is watching hockey on the regular CBC. Perhaps that is why Newsworld is airing this as part of it's The Passionate Eye series at this time of year.

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