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Documentary - Buried At Sea and Radiant City - The Passionate Eye April 5th and 6th 2008

Buried At Sea  and Radiant City - The Passionate Eye April 5th and 6th 2008
Buried At Sea - The Passionate Eye
CBC Newsworld April 5th 10:00 P.M.
Radiant City - The Passionate Eye
CBC Newsworld April 6th 10:00 P.M.

Buried At Sea 

Though the National Film Board of Canada is well-known for the quality of its documentaries, Buried At Sea should have been buried at sea.

This hour-long on TV look at the weapons and chemical warfare weapons dumped into the oceans after WW II fails to make you care.

The filmmakers cast their net too wide and thus spend too little time in one particular region of the globe, fail to confront anyone about the issue, and seem content in just filming the problem.

All you need to know about Buried At Sea is close to most inhabited coastlines there is a toxic dump of unexploded shells and rusting drums full of mustard gas and other chemicals. Governments deny their existence, their location, and their toxicity.


Radiant City

Radiant City looks at the burbs. The pun here is with all the cell towers, they really are radiating cities. This is another interesting Newsworld Passionate Eye program where you learn if the burbs are so ugly it is because there are so-called experts behind them: people who call themselves "urban" "planners".

People like Toronto city planner Ken Greenberg and urban planner Beverly Sandalack prove why urban planner is an oxymoron.

Greenberg wonders why we can't recreate the small town with streets with owner-occupied shops. Sandalack wonders why we can't walk anywhere anymore.

Anybody who does not have a degree in their field can answer their questions (after they kill themselves laughing of course).

If you want stores where the owners live on top you have to include them and a small business street in your blueprint.

If you want people to walk somewhere, you have to give them a destination other than just another street that looks like theirs and, believe it or not, sidewalks.

This Passionate Eye episode is interesting. It is also hilarious if you listen to the experts and then look outside your window.

There is a whopper of a surprise at the end.


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