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Horror - Stephen King's The Mist


The Mist
Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Andre Braugher
Directed by Frank Darabont
Genius Products 2008
126 minutes

When it comes to horror movies based on the work of Stephen King, The Mist is second on the best of DVD list. Tied for first are The Shawshank Redemption -also directed by Frank Darabont-- and The Dead Zone.

This time around though Darabont, who also did The Green Mile, gets real gory and plays with some ugly looking creatures.

I was unsure about The Mist. After all, we've all seen The Fog -the original version, not the new one-and the idea of another killer cloud of some sort didn't sound particularly appealing. I forgot which story, novella, or grocery list this DVD is based on.

This horror movie kicks ass. There are bits, no pun intended, of the pod people from Body Snatchers, a bit of Alien and some Arachnophobia, a bit of a few other films I have not seen, and a whole lot of gory, creepy, crawly stuff that is really well done.

Thomas Jane is great as the leader of the people stuck in the supermarket while Academy Award winner Marcia Hay Harden is excellent as Bible thumping nemesis. Her turn as a religious nut sets new standards for chewing up the scenery.

There are many, many other good actors in The Mist including Andre Braugher and faces you've seen many times in New England movies like Jeffrey DeMunn.

Most of this movie does not look and feel like a small budget production but Army's guy's make-up in the scene where the bible nut confronts him is really amateurish.

Of the creatures in The Mist or the many Alliance Films previews forced upon the DVD viewer I am not sure which are more horrific. The monsters are pretty ugly and scary, and harder to get rid of.

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