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Documentary - Who Killed The Electric Car

Who Killed The Electric Car amazon listing.
Narrator: Martin Sheen
Number of discs: 1
Rating: PG - Lord knows why it is a PG rating. No swearing, no nudity. Studio: Sony Pictures
DVD Release Date: November 14, 2006
Run Time: 93 minutes

Who Killed The Electric Car is a documentary exploring the precipitous death of EV vehicles produced by GM and other car manufacturers. The cars were collected by manufacturers and destroyed despite having owners who wanted to buy out the vehicles to hang onto them. Hollywood stars Mel Gibson, Peter Horton and Alexandra Paul are among the EV1 owners who were besotted by their electric cars and begged to be allowed to keep them only to have them taken away and destroyed by the auto manufacturer.

As conspiracy theories go Who Killed The Electric Car is detailed and while not quite balanced (witness the title) it still raises a salient question: Why is technology which has no imminent hope of being viable in the next three decades being worked on when electric vehicles that ware already viable are not being produced. There are of course electric cars being produced – Tesla Motors, Phoenix Motors, Zenn Motors are all making and selling cars. The documentary explores some curious activity on behalf of oil corporations who took out ads against the adoption of the electric car but claim that they had no vested interest in seeing the car withdrawn from the market. We meet the head of CARB who four months previous to killing the zero emissions standard which would have kept the electric car alive was appointed to the board of a hydrogen fuel manufacturer.

Who Killed The Electric Car is a fascinating, well made and extremely interesting documentary that will have you asking your own questions about the car you drive.

Denis Bernicky

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