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Mainstream - No Country For Old Men


No Country For Old Men
Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin
Directed by the Coen Brothers
Miramax 2008
122 minutes

For the life of me I cannot understand why No Country For Old Men won 4 Oscars, including best movie and best directing. I cannot even fathom why it was nominated at all. Ethan and Joel Coen are known for quirky and original movies and this is another one of those. There is no way it is good enough for an Academy Award. This is going to be the Chariots of Fire of the last twenty years,

The message is violence is random and becoming more and more prevalent.

Nice guy Josh Brolin finds a satchel full of money after he comes across a bunch of dead guys and a pickup truck bed full of cocaine. He takes the satchel and is then pursued by bad guy Javier Bardem. Tommy Lee Jones plays a sheriff who valiantly does his job but knows he is just a finger in a dyke of violence.

Lots of people die, some originally, some not.

Woody Harrelson shows up for some reason and basically plays Woody Harrelson in an action movie.

Cinematographically there are some gorgeous shots but it's just the Coens showing off.

No Country For Old Men features trademark Coen Brothers moments of dark humor and strange dialogue and is generally entertaining but at the same time there is little to this movie to make it a keeper.

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