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Horror - One Missed Call


One Missed Call
Shannyn Sossamon, Edward Burns
Directed by Eric Valette
Warner Home Video 2008
87 minutes

Cell phones have become more and more popular throughout the years and they have become one of America's teenagers' favorite communication methods. It was just a question of time before someone would find a way to creep teens out in a horror film by making these instruments deadly. This was my original opinion about One Missed Call, but after viewing this horror DVD, I can honestly say it has been very well done and in a very original way.

Shannyn Sossamon plays the main role of Beth Raymond, a university psychology  student who finds herself witness to one of her best friends' death just after talking to her on her cellphone. That friend had shared with her the weird message she had received on this same cell phone which played a weird message with her own voice in it followed by screams. Beth and her friends link this with the death of another friend of theirs who also died recently. Things seem to indicate that these cellphone messages which are postdated to the time of their death are somewhat premonitory of the unfortunate events.

Along the way, a police detective (Edward Burns) who just lost his sister in similar circumstances offers his help to Beth to figure what is going on in her circle of friends. Together, they'll try to find who, or what, is responsible for these mysterious deaths. Be prepared for a series of good horror movie moments, some suspense, as well as very interesting plot twists. In a typical "who dies next" horror movie fashion, you'll have to keep guessing who will survive, although some characters as usual seem destined to die from very early on in the movie. This is however countered by a brilliant plot which will keep you guessing till the end of One Missed Call.

The two main actors are very convincing in their respective roles and Shannyn Sossamon really delivers some good horror movie moments with conviction. With such an interesting movie coming from Hollywood, I wondered who had the genius to write that screenplay.

I was somewhat disappointed to learn that as usual, good ideas in Hollywood come from somewhere else. One Missed Call is based on the Japanese movie "Chakushin Ari" written by Miwako Daira. However, to the Hollywood studios defense, it has been adapted to the movie's North American context remarkably well, and along with stunning visual effects, you won't want to miss this one. The ringtone from these phone calls will probably become an icon of horror films.

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