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Action - Hero Wanted


Hero Wanted
Cuba Gooding Jr., Ray Liotta
Directed by Brian Smrz
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
95 minutes

Move over Allan Smithee, here comes first-time director Brian Smrz. Though the Hero Wanted DVD includes digital copy for your PC or Playstation it's hard to see why someone would bother downloading this action thriller with Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. in yet another bad movie.

This time Gooding Jr. plays an ordinary guy, Liam Case, who becomes a hero twice: saving a little girl from a burning minivan and later a cashier's life during a bank robbery.

Watching Hero Wanted you immediately see director Smrz is really a former stuntman and second unit director. The second unit is in charge of all the unimportant filler scenes in a movie and this one looks like a series of filler scenes strung together out of sync.

There are more flashbacks here than an ex-hippie could ever have.

Eventually, after a bunch of flashbacks and cuts out of a bad MTV clip you figure out Liam is going after the guys responsible for the bank robbery and the cashier's coma. Some of them are badasses with Irish sounding Scottish accents though one isn't sure if it's Irish Scottish or Brooklyn Scottish.

Case is not a very good avenger. He drops his gun the first two times so there can be a violent fight scene.

In a cost cutting move beyond belief, the man who presents Liam with his hero award the first time around is also, three years later, the detective after him.

Then, the bad guys take the little girl from the first hero moment to get to Liam and the pretty good if a bit long showdown scene. That's where I gave up on this action thriller though there are many other places I should have.

If you buy the scene after the showdown I've got sandy beachfront property in the arctic for sale.

If you buy the penultimate scene, I'll throw in the Brooklyn Bridge.

The last scene gets you the Empire State Building.

The advantage to downloading the digital copy of Hero Wanted is you can erase it.

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