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Action - Tremors

Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross
Directed by Ron Underwood
Universal 1990
95 minutes

Tremors is a great small budget creature feature.

Some kind of underground anaconda is eating the people of a little village in the south west. It is attracted to them by the reverberations they make on the ground.

Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward play to guys who scrape by for a living in a small, isolated desert town.

The villagers soon come to realize nobody is going to come and help them and escape is impossible as the snakes can swallow a Buick.

Michael Gross and Reba McEntire play two armed to the teeth survivalists whose arsenal and paranoia comes in handy to fight against the monsters. They are very enjoyable to watch as the gun-toting experts in shooting at stuff.

Though a series of straight to garbage bin sequels have been made of Tremors, the original is a really good old-style monster movie.

Bacon and Ward are good in the action / scary scenes but also bring an element of comic relief from time to time.

Finn Carter plays a female geologist who not just there as the a damsel in distress.

There is also the recurring gag / tension brought on by the little girl on the pogo stick.

Special effects and the creature are low budget but Tremors is far better than many big budget Hollywood wannabe blockbusters.

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