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Documentary - National Geographic: Six Degrees Could Change the World

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Voice: Alec Baldwin
Director: Ron Bowman
Number of discs: 1
Rating: Not Rated
National Geographic Video - 2008

National Geographic Six Degrees Could Change The World is an environmentally friendly packaged DVD – even the clear wrapper is biodegradable. It is also the latest in environmentally focused documentaries to hit the shelves that have a definite editorial agenda and make the argument to that end. Every country in the world has been hit repeatedly with drastic environmental events in the past decade and the frequency of these events is increasing despite the protestations of nay sayers that nothing is amiss with the world climate.

National Geographic does a good job with this Alec Baldwin narrated think piece which explores that meaning of those degrees people often hear about in the press. What does a one degree increase in the averages temperature of the world actually mean and why? National Geographic makes every effort to answer that question in a comprehensive and reasonable manner. In the tradition of National Geographic Six Degrees Could Change The World is beautifully shot, professionally edited and almost flawless in its execution. With over 100 years of publication behind it the National Geographic Society has a history of bringing the world to the masses. Their skill in making the scientific interesting to the layman is unmatched.

The most convincing aspects of Six Degrees Could Change The World are the firsthand accounts of people who live close to the land. Unlike city dwelling lobbyists with high paying jobs from various industries or government officials with constituencies that have bought and paid for their elections the farmer, fishermen, tribesmen and other every day men and women talk about how the climate changes are radically affecting their lives. Six Degrees looks at the problems and the possible solutions and the necessity of piloting a course to solutions sooner rather than later.

Six Degrees Could Change the World is a must see if you love this planet.

Denis Bernicky

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