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Action - Daredevil - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set


Daredevil - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set
Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrel
Directed by Mark Steven Johnson
133 minutes

I doubt many will get the Fox Marvel Heroes DVD box set because of the director's cut Daredevil. This movie was probably already too long without the extra thirty minutes and more of famed thespian Coolio.

Daredevil takes some twenty minutes to explain the source of the character in your basic Batman / Spiderman someone in the family dies and gives the superhero the motivation to wear a silly costume.

That this movie basically steals a scene from Batman (back alley death and the rose) is already a bit much.

Ben Affleck doesn't do much to make his character interesting. Then again, director Mark Steven Johnson confuses cool looking scenes, weird lighting and camera angles, and computer graphics with content so there is not much character or story left.

Blind kid becomes lawyer and lawyer becomes vigilante justice dispenser with a costume based on his dead father's boxing cape.

In many ways Daredevil could have been a good action movie. Separately, the scenes are interesting. The whole, even director cut, doesn't hold.

To make a, no kidding, really long story short, Daredevil goes up against a baddie named Kingpin and his hired help Bullseye. He also falls in love with a pretty girl (Jennifer Garner as Elektra) whose father is framed and then killed by Kingpin although she believes the hero did it.

Even willing suspension of disbelief makes you wonder how Daredevil can be severely injured in one scene and then fit enough to take on the bad guy in the next.

Throw in the crime busting reporter and a detective who is after the crime fighter because these two characters are a staple of the genre.

Daredevil and the director's cut is a movie that will try the patience of even the most generous Marvel comics fan.

Other movies in the Marvel Heroes box set are X-Men, X-Men 2, X The Last Stand, Elektra, Fantastic 4, Fantastic 4 Silver Surfer, Fantastic 4 World's Greatest Heroes a four cartoon disc, and a DVD with a digital copy of the first Silver Surfer comic. There are also two miniature reproduction comic books and a postcard.

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