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Westerns - John Wayne - The Comancheros


John Wayne - The Fox Westerns
The Comancheros
Stuart Whitman, Lee Marvin, Michael Ansara
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Originally released 1961
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 2008
107 minutes

There is a reason why The Comancheros is not the centerpiece of the John Wayne - The Fox Westerns 4 DVD box set -that being The Big Trail. This is a cowboy movie that really spins its wagon wheels before anything happens.

John Wayne plays a Texas Ranger who captures a fugitive from the law (Stuart Whitman) and must bring him to New Orleans for trial and hanging.

Unfortunately, the fugitive, a tenderfoot with a knack for gambling, has the nasty habit of running away from his captor. He is also a pretty nice guy.

Wayne also gets involved with trying to find out who is selling guns to a renegade bunch called the Comancheros. They are making life very difficult and sometimes final, for the nice ranching folks in them there parts.

Throw in a bit of a love interest, a few comic moments like John Wayne and Lee Marvin singing together, and a couple of scenes with Comanches attacking the settlers and you could have a good western.

Unfortunately the movie really does spin its wheels for a while with the Texas Ranger and the tenderfoot riding around and getting diverted by this and that.

By the time Wayne gets to the Comancheros' hideout 80 some minutes have gone by.

The really interesting story in this movie is the Comancheros themselves, a tightly run society on the margin of the rest of the folks in Texas, Unfortunately, all you really get to know is it is a village and the home of a love interest.

The finale is a pretty decent shoot ‘em up but not really worth the wait.

The other movies in the John Wayne The Fox Westerns box set are The Big Trail, North to Alaska, and The Undefeated.

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