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Mainstream - Macon County Line


Macon County Line

Max Baer, Alan Vint, Cheryl Waters
Directed by Richard Compton
Originally released 1974
Warner Home Video 2008
88 minutes

Macon County Line was made on a very low budget for release on the drive-in circuit in the days before straight to DVD or video were the solution. It immediately became a cult classic and made co-writer, producer and star Max Baer a very rich man. It is still good some thirty years later.

Baer may best be known as Jethro Bodine on The Beverly Hillbillies but he is better as a sheriff in Macon County Line. Baer made this movie and took this role to get away from being typecast. It did not work even if the movie does.

Alan and Jesse Vint play Northener brothers Chris and Wayne Dixon who are driving cross-country raising hell and finding it in the South and Macon County when they end up in the wrong place at the extremely wrong time.

The movie opens as if it is going to be one of those American Graffiti (1973) rip-offs complete with the chaining of the cop cars. This is as deceptive as the scene right out of The Andy Griffith Show seen right before the boys enter Macon County.

It takes a while for the tension to start building but once Sheriff Reed sets his eyes on the city boys it is there.

This is a bit of a slow-paced movie. The action starts some sixty minutes into the movie but then it does not let go.

The ending is simply stunning.

This DVD of drive-in classic Macon County Line does not include the director's commentary and other extras available on an earlier release.

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