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Mainstream - Garfield And Friends - A Cat and His Nerd


Garfield and Friends
A Cat and His Nerd
15 cartoons 1 DVD
Fox Home Video 2008
131 minutes

If you are a fan of the Jim Davis comic strip Garfield this DVD featuring 15  8-minute cartoons from the Saturday morning cartoon show Garfield and Friends will please.

This is however rather generic animation and the show has the most unsingable theme song ever. The cartoon themselves show their age for some reason but this is not really a problem.

Baby boomers who cannot place Garfield's voice should think of Rhoda and the Carlton the doorman character also played by Lorenzo Music.

The show sometimes borrows from the Three's Company playbook of a character misunderstanding something overheard and then overreacting.

One of the better because not that predictable Garfield cartoons here is Jukebox Jon where Arbuckle listens to a self-hypnosis record while he is sleeping. Another particularly good episode is The Great Inventor where the cat shows how felines inspired all the great invention, the greatest being lasagna of course.

The episode where Jon falls in love with a model and she falls in love with the cat is also pretty good.

Lesser episodes include Jon the Barbarian, a love story of sorts, and Supersonic Seymour where an efficiency expert takes over John's life. The latter is really a one joke but ten-minute cartoon.

Fans of this Jim Davis cartoon will appreciate the fact most of the episodes here do not feature the many, many secondary farm characters that invaded the strip for a while. Jon, Garfield, and Odie are enough to keep everyone entertained.

Parents who want to watch the Garfield and Friends with their kids will be hard pressed to find a message here they can discuss.

Then again, sometimes just watching a cartoon for the simple pleasure of eating sugar loaded cereal is what life is all about.

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