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Westerns - Rawhide - Fox Western Classics

Rawhide - Fox Western Classics
Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward
Dean Jagger, Jack Elam
Directed by Henry Hathaway
Fullscreen - Black and White
20th Century Fox 1961
Fox Home Video 2008
87 minutes

The only thing noir western Rawhide has in common with the TV show is the title. The full screen restored version of this cowboy movie is available with Garden of Evil and Gregory Peck's The Gunfighter in the 3 DVD Fox Western Classics box set.

Rawhide stars Tyrone Powers as stagecoach stationmaster Tom Owens and Susan Hayward as a damsel in distress with a child. They are held hostage by a bad guy named Zimmerman and his three associates who are waiting for the noon coach carrying a fortune in gold. They need to keep the stationmaster alive so the coach will stop.

Zimmerman (Dean Jagger) is saddled with three very different partners: a sentimental horse thief, a clumsy bandit, and a rather nuts bad guy named Tevis (played by the incomparable Jack Elam).

Tension mounts over the evening and the next morning as Owens and the gal try to figure out a way to make a break for it and the animosity between Zimmerman and Tevis grows.

Rawhide is not one of those grandiose westerns with great scenery and lots of action but it is a pretty decent film.

Cowboy movie fans will appreciate one of the extra features on this DVD: Shoot It In Lone Pine is the history of the location where some four hundred other westerns were filmed and includes a lot of background information on the filming of Rawhide.

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