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Documentary - Robert Downey Jr. - The Biography Channel June 5 2008 8:00

Robert Downey Jr. - The Biography Channel June 5 2008 8:00
The Biography Channel
Road to Excess - Robert Downey Jr.
Thursday June 5th 2008
8:00 P.M.

I doubt anyone with a TV has not watched a few many of the Biography Channel shows. Usually, the shows are interesting, well-made, feature relevant contributors, and use the famous "Biography double arc"  to tell the story of a famous or infamous person in a way you learn something new and want to keep watching.

This is not really the case for the episode on Robert Downey Jr. - Ironman -  that airs June 5th 2008 at 8:00 P.M. as part of the Road to Excess series on The Biography Channel.

The show begins with a rather long segment on Downey's drug problems and repeats the mantra many people thought he would not make it, his career was over, he'd die of an overdose. After a while, you kind of get the point and the contributors, basically Hollywood nobodies, do not bring anything new to the table.

The program picks up twelve minutes in when it begins at the beginning of the Robert Downey Jr. story. You do not get much about his childhood and his early movies and first years in Hollywood are commented on by the same contributors.

One really gets the feeling that aside from filmmaker James Toback those who are close or even not that close but know Downey all passed on being on this segment of Biography.

This makes for a very superficial program that is below par for this channel.

There is little new in this Biography! of Robert Downey Jr. that tabloid fans do not already know.

For a few minutes the program even becomes a bit of a plug for the Ironman movie and this is, in fact, its highpoint as it really makes this action film sound really cool and Downey Jr. seems to be excellent in the role.

Unless you want a few glimpses at Ironman, this Biography is a pass.

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