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Science Fiction - Jumper


Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Diane Lane
Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell
Directed by Doug Liman
Fox Home Entertainment 2008
88 minutes

Jumper is fun and very entertaining as long as you do not ask any questions and do not expect much science in your science fiction action movie. This is a just sit back and enjoy the story DVD.

Hayden Christensen plays David, a school reject with a mean father who discovers he has the power to transport himself or jump wherever he wants to go. He leaves home, uses his powers to rob a bank, and then uses the money and his jumper power to lead a good life.

Unfortunately, David is not big on self-control or thinking things through so he attracts the attention of Paladins, a bunch of self-righteous folks headed by Samuel L. Jackson. The Paladins want to eradicate Jumpers -it's a historical thing.

Throw in a love interest, another jumper named Griffin (Jamie Bell), and some great special effects and you have this entertaining sci-fi action movie.

You have to suspend disbelief if you are to enjoy this one: Early on, David is on top of the Sphinx sitting in a beach chair and enjoying an ice cream cone but nobody notices anything.

One of the many reasons Jumper works is it assumes the audience can put two and two together and so does not spend time explaining everything. Things happen, you can figure it out.

The movie's Achilles heel is Hayden Christensen. His acting abilities are more limited than a quadriplegic. Millie asking David what is going on all the time gets a bit annoying. There is also the fact Griffin is a much more interesting character played by a better actor. This is nothing that gets in the way of enjoying this DVD

The action scenes are definitely up there on the cool scale especially since the characters can change locales a few times in a row.

Because it is so much fun and original, Jumper is a movie you'll watch again.

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