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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - Madeline Next Stop America

Madeline - Next Stop America
Madeline, Miss Clavel, Other Orphans
Based on the stories by Ludwig Bemelmans
1 DVD 2 Episodes and 1 Bonus
Fox Home Vide0 2008
45 minutes

Madeline is a little orphan girl who lives in an orphanage in France with eleven other little girls.  She and her schoolmates are cared for by headmistress Miss Clavel.  The Madeline Next Stop America episodes are based on the children's stories by Ludwig Bemelmans.

Madeline Next Stop America features two episodes and one bonus episode and they are all of course about travels to America. Madeline in Hollywood has Madeline being discovered by a Hollywood producer and travelling stateside to star in a film with her idol Sugar Dimples.  Madeline in New York has Miss Clavel taking the girls on a spring vacation to The Big Apple (where Madeline plays baseball and introduces French Fries to America).  Finally the bonus episode Madeline and the Wild West has Madeline riding her new horse in a rodeo show.

This is a neat little kids DVD - it gives a kid's perspective on travel and adventure.  Madeline has many adventures, and they are all told in a fun way.  However, the places they visit are presented in a somewhat clichéd way, but they are in fact just that.  As usual, Madeline uses her smarts and good will to find her way out of sticky situations, and shows kids a new way to think of things.  There is nothing that daunts the "smallest girl" at Miss Clavel's school.

This Madeline DVD is great for kids of all ages, the music is as relaxing as usual, and the scenes are enchanting.  Madeline is energetic and doesn't give up when she is faced with any kind of challenge. Once again we come away with subtle lessons and never feel as though we are being ‘taught'.  My 4 kids all liked this disc (more so the youngest ages 3 and 5) and have asked to watch it several times.

Carolyn Genge

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