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Mainstream - The List

The List
Malcoml McDowell, Will Patton, Hilarie Burton
Directed by Gary Wheeler
Fox Home Entertainment 2008
107 minutes

The List will not make anyone's DVD list. This movie doesn't know if it wants to be a southern gothic thriller, a mystery, a romantic drama, or, halfway through, about the power of prayer and a battle between evil and good, and achieves none.

This Christian movie is less subtle than Pat Robertson begging for money. You know the blonde is going to be an important character and a love interest because a two second breeze carrying romantic music ruffles her hair shampoo commercial style as she leaves her pickup.

Charleston lawyer Renny Jacobson (Will Patton) finds out his father disinherited him but left him membership in a list of former plantation owners, their secret, and his share of the membership's fortune. He and another new heir, Jo Johnston (Hilarie Burton), are invited to an old boy's club composed of heirs of the original names on the Covenant List of South Carolina Limited.

This club is headed by Desmond Larochette (Malcolm McDowell doing a Hannibal Lecter accent) and includes one member whose real job is to tell the viewer who's who.

Being a female, Jo gets kicked out of the old boys club and their millions but doesn't say boo. I guess that is why she is allowed to stay at their mansion for the weekend.

Then, a member dies during a Civil War reenactment, Renny meets a church custodian who vanishes in thin air once his mission, whatever it was, is accomplished, discovers Larochette is up to no good, and wishes someone harm and harms that person by power of thought.

It gets even weirder and more unbelievable after that but by then, you've pretty much given up as The List constantly fails to get the viewer interested.

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