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Mainstream - CBC -Shows for Preschoolers Fall 2008

CBC -Shows for Preschoolers Fall 2008
CBC - Children's Programming Fall 2008
Shows for preschoolers
Check your local listings

Monday to Fridays kid TV starts at 7 A.M. and ends at 11 A.M. on the CBC.  Saturdays bring out the Cocoa Puffs -or for this generation crunchy granolas-- at 6 A.M and be ready to enjoy kid's programming until noon. The specific times are TBA but here is the fall 2008 CBC line-up for parents and preschoolers.

Curious George may be 65 but he is not retiring this year -and looks pretty good for his age if you ask me.

Kids's Canada is a series of short TV moments with hosts Patty Sullivan and Sid Bobb where children to visit Kensington Market "He's a man of the streets, the people's cham-pion. Everyone that he meets calls him King of Kensington," sing along with a French speaking salmon (huh?), go to the Alberta Badlands to dance with a dinosaur skeleton, share stories with a Peggy's Cove lobster, and go camping with new friends in B.C. These clips will replace the commercial spots some of the TV shows make room for.

New shows for Fall 2008 on the CBC include Canadian production Animal Mechanicals which sounds like a cross between Lego and very friendly Transformers. The characters, Rex, Unicorn, Komodo, Sasquatch, and Mouse will be given a challenge and have to use their unique abilities to solve the puzzle.

Another new Canadian production for preschool kids will be Mighty Jungle where three puppets, Babum Rhonda, and Bruce explore life at home and in unusual places like a beehive disco to an ice cream castle. This sounds like a weekday show.

Returning shows with new episodes include Bo on the Go!, a show that will get kids moving. 4 to 8 year olds will enjoy Gofrette, a cat who lives with its friends in the world of Zanimo. This series is based on a Quebec children's book.

Of course, Arthur is back. If you do not know who Arthur is you do not have kids and are not reading this so there you go.

The underwater world will be explored in See the Sea with original underwater footage.

Super Why! is an interactive show where preschoolers can learn to read with the help of classic characters like Red Riding Hood, the Littlest Pig, Princess Pea, and Whyatt Beanstalk. The show's description makes it sound a little too educational heavy but what do I know.

Also for preschoolers will be the 1-minute commercial replacement Bruno the monkey who gets kids to learn about colours (with a u), numbers, and to move around with real kids helping Bruno get the message across.

Bruno and the Banana Bunch is an 11 minute animated program about numbers, shapes, and sizes.

If your child is a potential Sherlock Holmes Busytown Mysteries based on the Richard Scary books will get him or her to solve every day mysteries.

The Doodlepops is a mix of music and dancing. The show is aimed at preschoolers with the purpose to improve self-confidence through physical activity.

Lunar Jim is a stop-motion animation series that teaches the importance of persistence, creativity, and cooperation. Another stop-motion animation show is Poko, a show that focuses on comedy and emotional intelligence. Geez, all I had growing up was Hercules ("That's right, Herc. That's right, Herc.") and Rocket Robin Hood "Band of brothers marching together....").

Children's TV is thin on girl characters. Nanalan makes up for this somewhat with Mona and her puppet friends. This is another show aimed at preschoolers as is Wilbur who gets kids interested in books and reading.



Kid TV on the CBC has always been superior to the cartoonmercial stuff on private networks. No Canadian of a certain age can forget The Friendly Giant, Mr. Dressup, or Chez Helene to name a few. The latest generation will also be well served on Canada's public television in the fall of 2008. Still, I would have brought back Friendly, Jerome, and Rusty and the rocking chair for those of us who like to rock.

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