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Mainstream - The Carmen Miranda Collection - If I'm Lucky


If I?m Lucky - The Carmen Miranda Collection
Phil Silvers, Carmen Miranda, Perry Como,
Harry James, Vivian Blaine
Directed by Lewis Seiler
Originally released 1946 Black and White
Fox Home Video 2008
79 minutes

This may be The Carmen Miranda Collection DVD set but the lady with more wild hats than the Queen of England is a supporting character in If I'm Lucky. This musical comedy belongs to Phil Silvers, Perry Como, and Vivian Blaine. As a matter of fact in If I'm Lucky it is difficult to see what was so special about Miranda aside from the hats. The real star of this comic musical is Phil Silvers as the band manager. Silvers steals every scene he is in

Like many musicals of the time, If I'm Lucky is a series of musical numbers framed by a story of sorts. In If I'm Lucky, filmed in Black and White because Miranda's star was fading somewhat at 20th Century Fox, Phil Silvers plays a manager who gets his acts working for a gubernatorial candidate named Magonnagle. When Magonnagle starts believing his shpiel his backers get worried, dump him, and draft the band's crooner, Allen Clark (Perry Como) as their candidate and things take an interesting turn.

Carmen Miranda really is second banana in this musical.  Aside a solo number that feels jammed into this movie and a couple of numbers in which she is just part of the gang her role is limited to mispronouncing words here and there for, what might have been at the time, comic effect. This may be why she put an end to her contract with the studio after this movie

If I'm Lucky is a rather enjoyable little musical although there is not a single really memorable tune or number here. The producers even serve the title tune in three different versions but it is just not that catchy.

Special features for this Carmen Miranda DVD are excerpts from Sing With The Stars with Miranda, a photo gallery, the trailer, and, for some reason, an isolated score track.

The other DVDs in The Carmen Miranda Collection are the 1943 Busby Berkeley The Gang's All Here, Something For The Boys (1944), Greenwich Village (1944) and another musical with Perry Como and Vivian Blaine titled Doll Face (1946) which is also in Black and White.

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