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Mainstream - Something For The Boys - Carmen Miranda Collection


Something For The Boys - The Carmen Miranda Collection
Phil Silvers, Carmen Miranda, Vivian Blaine
Originally released 1944
Fullscreen Technicolor
Fox Home Video 2008
79 minutes

The jacket information for Something For The Boys is wrong: This movie does not feature Hey, Good Lookin' or Could It Be You by Cole Porter though they were in the Broadway musical version. Still, this movie is a fairly entertaining musical comedy. It is one of the 5 movies in the Carmen Miranda Collection 5 DVD set.

For fans of forties musicals this is the old lets put on a show to save the decrepit mansion plot. Carmen Miranda, and Vivian Blaine make it fairly interesting. Phil Silvers makes it funny though his musical number is less than stellar.

The Hart cousins, Blossom, Chiquita, and Harry (Blaine, Miranda, Silvers) inherit a rundown plantation mansion in the old South. They decide to spruce up the place to serve as lodgings for soldiers' wives. They need money to do this hence the rehearsing for and putting on a show.

There are other reasons for impromptu musical numbers such as one by G.I. crooner Perry Como. As in many movies of the period there is also a rather confused love story: Blossom falls in love with Rocky (Michael O'Shea), the G.I. who is organizing this shinding and home, but Melanie (Sheila Ryan), a rich dame who has the hots for Rocky, gets in the way.

The laughs in this musical comedy come mostly from Phil Silvers and the kitchen his character has helped "improve". There is also Carmen Miranda's tooth that gets radio signals and allows Silvers to turn her into a transmitter.

The musical numbers in Something For The Boys are interesting but not stunning. 80 Miles Outside of Atlanta and the Samba-Boogie numbers are very clumsily lit and filmed.

Much like in If I'm Lucky the other Blaine-Miranda-Silvers movie in The Carmen Miranda Collection, Miranda herself is a secondary character who serves some comic purposes. She gets a couple of songs including one in Portuguese and a weird hat of course.

Special features include a very good four-part biography of Carmen Miranda.

Other DVDs in The Carmen Miranda Collection are 1943 Busby Berkeley', The Gang's All Here (1943), Greenwich Village (1944) and two otgher musiclsl with Perry Como and Vivian Blaine: If I'm Lucky (1946) and Doll Face (1946) both in Black and White.

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