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Documentary - Blue Jean Confidential CBC Newsworld June 28 2008 8 P.M.

Blue Jean Confidential CBC Newsworld June 28 2008 8 P.M.
Blue Jean Confidential June 28, 2008 8 P.M.
The Passionate Eye CBC Newsworld

Kids! Don't let your parents throw away their skin tight disco era jeans! Grandkids! Don't let your grandparents throw away those Flower Power jeans! They could worth a fortune. That's according to Blue Jean Confidential, a documentary airing June 28th at 8 P.M. on CBC Newsworld as part of its Passionate Eye series

There are better things to learn from this fun documentary on blue jeans but watching some crazy Japanese guy pay thousands of dollars for an old pair of perfectly average jeans will probably make you go look in your closet or dive in the Salvation Army bin in search of that elusive fortune.

Blue Jean Confidential covers everything you'd ever want to know about the jeans. From the early Levi Strauss copper riveted jeans, jeans in cowboy movies causing real cowboys to wear jeans, a guy who goes jean hunting in old mines for the elusive holy grail of the first patented pair of 501s, to modern designers who simply find a now vanished model, copy the design and then sell the pants for hundreds of dollars as "designer" jeans.

The program even covers the environmental impact of the blue in blue jeans.

This is a really interesting documentary that is fun to watch. It seems what was once the ultimate symbol of rebellion has been co-opted by people who will pay a lot of money for a pair of blue jeans that will never be used to do any work at all. If you are a small company and can get your jeans on celebrity booty you've become a millionaire.

According to Blue Jean Confidential, the blue jean even had a role in women's liberation.

Another thing you might want to remember from this documentary is doing your own modifications on your favorite pair of jeans could also be the road from jeans to riches.

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