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Horror - Otis


Ashley Johnson, Bostin Christopher, Jared Kusnitz
Daniel Stern, Illeana Douglas, Kevin Pollack
Directed by Tony Krantz
Raw Feed / Warner Home Video 2008
100 minutes

Otis tries to be a comic horror movie and fails. There is something just not funny about a guy kidnapping young girls and chaining them to an electrified bed so he can make them his prom date. The horror immediately and too strongly trumps the laughs on this DVD and though the eventual dark comedy is quite good, it is too late.

This is unfortunate as the acting in Otis is excellent. Both Bostin Christopher (Otis) and Ashley Johnson (Riley) are great as killer/kidnapper and prisoner while the supporting cast, aside from Jere Burns (Kirk on Dear John, for those who remember that sitcom), is really strong.

Otis' second weakness is it takes too long for the dark horror comedy to get going. It takes an hour for Riley's family to get their revenge on Otis and until then the very few laughs come from crude FBI agent Hotchkiss (Jere Burns).

Have to admit though the family's initial confrontation with the bad guy is a really violent comic scene right out of Looney Tunes. It gets really gory after that.

Another weak element in Otis is you get the feeling director Tony Krantz only had about 100 minutes worth of film and figured out too late he'd spent too much of it setting the movie up and spinning his wheels. Everything after the revenge feels like Krantz was trying to figure out a way to wrap things up very quickly.

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