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Horror - Jeff Lindsay - Dexter in the Dark

Dexter in the Dark
320 pages
Doubleday (September 18, 2007)


Jeff Lindsay’s third Dexter novel, Dexter in the Dark, takes the clever alliterative serial killer to new places that leaves the reader wondering just where Lindsay is planning to take things in the future. In the strangely inefficient world of Miami homicide the sudden appearance of two beheaded crispers whose errant crows have been replaced with potter bulls heads is enough to call out for reinforcements. The absence of blood spatter would seem to give Dexter a pass on being involved in this case but since Debs is the lead on the investigation she naturally ropes in Dex for his expert take on murderous mayhem. Deb is sadly disappointed though when Dexter has nothing, not even the slightest, insight into the bodies at the scene of the crime.

Into the hopper of the Miami murders we have the steel willed Rita transforming into a tornado of wedding plans for she and Dexter. Dutifully dedicated Dexter also is preoccupied with the mentoring of Aster and Cody in the care and understanding of their own dark shadows.  Dexter is discovering that Harry’s job was a lot tougher than he had ever imagined.

In terms of the sub story that runs through each of the books – Rita, Cody, Aster and Deborah – Dexter in the Dark is rewarding and well worth the read. On the primary level the rewards are nonexistent unless you are fond of supernatural fiction. In science fiction terms Lindsay has created his own ficton (a universe which is internally self consistent but has different rules or laws than the real universe) and that is where the disappointment with Dexter in the Dark sets in. A more generous reader might forgive Lindsay this dip into demondim in this disturbingly disappointing Dexter novel. The deleterious descent into the dubious darkness of religious myth when the human psyche offers so much better a canvas to work with is decidedly a cop out. This Dexter is a wait for the paperback version edition.

Denis Bernicky

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