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Mainstream - Gossip Girl - The Complete First Season


Gossip Girl - The Complete First Season
Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen
5 DVDs 18 Episodes
Warner Home Video 2008

Gossip Girl: The Complete First Season Comes Out August 19 But You Can Generate Your Own Gossip Now!!

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Gossip Girl is 90210 or The O.C. goes to New York City with a blog tie-in. This chick TV show has all the elements of your basic teen soap opera meets high school princess movie: rich, privileged kids, a couple of dark and disturbed characters, morally bankrupt or absent parents, a couple of outcasts seeing events unfold from the edges, lots of glamour, and lots of people with problems. Gossip Girl The Complete First Season is a 5 DVD 15 episodes set.

Us mere mortals rely on a blog run by Gossip Girl to know what is going on. Gossip Girl (voiced by Kirsten Bell) knows everything and everyone though no one knows who she is.

The Complete First Season of Gossip Girl begins with the return of former high school queen bee Serena after a mysterious one-year absence. Her return disrupts the new order of things set up by Serena's best friend Blair. Throw in a triangle between Serena, Blair, and Blair's boyfriend Nate, outcasts Dan and Jenny who both want in to this exclusive world, and bad boy Chuck.

This is a prime-time soap opera. The acting though is better than in most such programs though the actor who plays Chuck always looks like a serial killer. The story lines do require willing suspension of disbelief: in episode 12 the kids are all worried because they might be expelled from their private school and that this could ruin their entire lives.

Gossip Girl does rely on a few chestnuts of the genre such as the young innocent girl who desperately wants to be part of the in crowd and learns it is not such a nice place to be; the boy from the poor section of town falling in love with the queen bee of the in crowd; the restaurant scene where poor boy does not have enough money for his date's meal; and of course mother of queen bee and father of poor boy used to be an item.

Still, this is pretty good escapist chick TV. This guy even enjoyed it, go figure. It does have a kind of edge and reality some conservative parents will object to.

Look for Lisa Loeb in the penultimate episode.

Special features include a feature on the beginnings of the show, a gag reel, a feature on the couture and the wedding and a music video by The Pierces. Each episode features unaired scenes.

Extras on Gossip Girl The Complete First Season include the Audio Book by Cecily Von Ziegesar and read by Christina Ricci. A good deal though the book comes as 1 2 ½ hour MP3 with no chapter breaks, etc.

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