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Mainstream - Garfield's Fun Fest


Garfield's Fun Fest
Garfield, Odie, Jon
Arlene, Nermal
Fox Home Entertainment 2008
79 minutes

Garfield 's Fun Fest is a fun computer animated Garfield DVD. It features the Jim Davis cartoon strip world we all know, a pleasant and original story, some good gags. Odie gives this DVD 4 paws and I tend to agree with him.

In this Garfield movie the perennial winner of the Fun Fest talent show must find himself a new act when he takes his partner Arlene for granted and winning the contest as a given. This leads him to a magical land where he learns everything there is to know about comedy. I know a few stand-up comics who should watch Garfield's Fun Fest for the lessons.

Comic strip fans who pay special attention to Garfield's Fun Fest will notice the occasional nod to other cartoons. For example, one of the strips in the background when the principle of Fun Fest is explained is Sherman's Lagoon.

Parents will certainly find a few messages and lessons to be learned in this cartoon. I do not have kids so all I want is to be entertained. This Garfield movie entertains.  The story is fun and there are many very good gags and jokes.

There are moments on this DVD that are there to keep adults interested. I especially liked the bit where Garfield and Arlene perform last year's Fun Fest winning act:  the greatest movies of all time in 30 seconds including Gone With The Wind and Rocky.

Computer animated cartoons rarely get my willing suspension of disbelief. There is something too perfect about them, the colours are always a bit too loud, and the characters a bit too round: even Garfield looks overly rotund. Still, the animation here is quite good and sometimes excellent.

Extra features on the Garfield's Fun Fest DVD are 2 computer games and a very little Garfield strip booklet.

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