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Science Fiction - Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1


Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Season One
Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau
9 Episodes 3 DVDs
Originally Aired Fox 2008
Warner Home Video 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is excellent American style science fiction TV. The show features lots of action, great acting, and lots of fights, shooting, and stuff blowing up. Season One of Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a 3 DVD 9 episode set with optional deleted scenes and commentary tracks for some of the shows.

The series opens in 1999 after the events in Terminator 2 Judgment Day. Sarah Connor just got married but then leaves in a hurry. Sarah and John move to New Mexico and encounter Cromartie, a Terminator sent to kill John, and Cameron, sent to protect him.

For its own good, The Sarah Connor Chronicles ignores anything that happened in the dreadful T-3 movie.

At the end of the pilot episode, Sarah, John, and Cameron then leap in time to 2007. Sarah Connor has decided to stand and destroy Skynet instead of running. Episode 2 Gnothi Seauton is a transition between the pilot and the rest of the series but still very good.

Of course, either Sarah or John always do something incredibly stupid and draw the attention of the authorities and that of course puts them on the radar for the Terminator(s) that are after them. There are also a few other Terminators that were sent back for other reasons and join the chase.

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles works because the story line is imaginative and has quite a few unpredictable but believable twists. For example, you have to admire the thinking behind explaining how the Cromartie Terminator changed appearances between the pilot and the rest of the season one shows.

Season one does stretch the basic story line a bit thin here and there but there is enough tension, action, and weird stuff to keep anyone interested.

For the testosterone crowd out there (i.e. most Sarah Connor Chronicles fans) if you thought the Borg queen was hot, you haven't seen Cameron.

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