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Documentary - Young @ Heart


Young @ Heart
The Young @ Heart Chorus and Bob Cilman
Directed by Stephen Walker
Documentary DVD
Fox Searchlight 2008

Young @ Heart is the story of a senior citizens rock group that's not the Rolling Stones. This documentary DVD is a hell of a lot of fun. In fact Young @ Heart is so much fun to watch and funny and heartbreaking at the same time it is hard to believe it is a true story about real people. It is.

A few years ago, Young @ Heart, a senior citizens choir from Northampton, Massachusetts, went from performing old standards to performing rock and punk under the guidance of director Bob Cilman. Filmmaker Stephen Walker follows the group for 7 weeks as they prepare new songs for their next tour.

The songs the choir is rehearsing include James Brown's I Feel Good, The Talking Heads' Life During Wartime, Schizophrenia by Sonic Youth, an R & B tune called Yes We Can Can that gives the folks a hard time, and Coldplay's Fix You

One of the many reasons Young @ Heart works is director Stephen Walker manages the basically impossible feat of being a detached documentarian while getting very close to the people in this choir.

Another is Walker also changes the rhythm of his film from time to time, once with a great music video of the choir doing Sedated by The Ramones that gives the song a whole new meaning.

Not that this DVD is a rose-colored glasses documentary. Many of the members of the Young at Heart choir are genuine survivors and some have been through hell and back a few times.

Especially touching are the stories of the two singers the choir director wants to bring back in the fold for the upcoming tour. Real life tends to play tricks on us and it does that to some of the members of the choir.

This truly is a great feel good documentary DVD that also makes you cry and Young@Heart earns every single one of those moments.

Special features on the Young @ Heart DVD include the Young@Heart Goes To Hollywood  and the following deleted scenes: Eileen's Philosophy Of Life; Dora's Shoe Collection; Where We'll Never Grow Old; Fred's Eulogy; The Young@Heart Band; Eileen - "Don't You Get Tired?"; Road To Nowhere Music Video; "Stayin' Alive" And "I Will Survive" Music Video; Lenny's "Purple Haze"

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