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Documentary - Heckler - A Jamie Kennedy Production


Jamie Kennedy, Lewis Black, Flip Schultz
Dave Attell, Louis Anderson, David Cross
Directed by Michael Addis
Produced by Jamie Kennedy
Documentary DVD
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment 2008
73 minutes

Heckler is a pretty decent documentary DVD. The first third of this Jamie Kennedy produced film is about hecklers at comedy clubs, what comics think of them, and how comics deal with them. This is the great part of Heckler.

The last two thirds of Heckler are about critics. The false segue is critics and reviewers are hecklers in print or on the net. This is when this documentary loses its energy and becomes just interesting.

The first 25 minutes of Heckler are a must see for any stand-up comedy fan. There is great footage of comics being heckled, including Bill Hicks, and footage of the legendary time a comic wacked a heckler on the head with his guitar. A who's who of stand-up comedy has its say on this comedy club plague. I especially enjoyed the sections where comics like David Cross tell the story of when a heckler won.

Not many reviewers liked Malibus's Most Wanted or Son of the Mask and actor Jamie Kennedy then veers this documentary towards the role of the critic. This is what the last two thirds of Heckler are about. It is interesting but not much more than that.

Perhaps some of the people in this documentary are right and criticism has become much more vitriolic and personal. It is true some reviewers are out to trash everything and are only interested in delivering a good slam. Then again, some actors are just out to make a quick buck and do not really care about the movie they are making.

The mistake a lot of the artists interviewed in Heckler make is to superpowers to reviewers i.e. "basement dwelling no talent scum" superpowers. Like Bill Maher says, a review is just some person saying I saw this and this is what I think.

I watched Heckler and I think it is pretty decent but it could have been great and yes, I wrote this in my basement.

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