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Science Fiction - Torchwood - The Complete Second Season

Torchwood - The Complete Second Season
John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Burn Gorman
Naoko Mori, Gareth David-Lloyd, Various Aliens
5 DVD 13 episodes
Aired BBC 2008
Warner Home Video / BBC Video 2008

This review contains no spoilers.  This science fiction TV show is brilliant. Torchwood The Complete Second Season starts off with a bang and a blowfish driving a sports car; not necessarily in that order. This Doctor Who spinoff has been a hell of a good series right from the beginning and the 13 episodes of the complete second season of Torchwood more than live up to fan expectation, these fans being adults of course.

Torchwood season two begins with the introduction of a great nemesis for Captain Jack: his former lover Captain John played by James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Captain John returns from time to time and this adds to the show. So does the sense of humor that is more present: "Come on! With the dashing hero on the case, what can go wrong?" asks Jack in one of many save the world from doomsday moments. Another is, "That's the problem with shapeshifters, innit? You never know what you're looking at?"

Season 2 of Torchwood is also a bit darker and more serious than season 1. Episode 2, Sleeper, asks the question What makes us human, body or memory?  Captain Jack's assistants are also much more willing to think on their own and contest his authority and decisions. This makes for a better team and a better show overall

Really good episodes include Adam (DVD 2 of Torchwood The Complete Second Season) where we learn more about Jack's past future (it's complicated) and a new member joins the team. Martha Jones, Doctor Who ‘s second companion in the latest series makes an appearance starting with episode 6, Reset.

The one weakness here is the somewhat repetitive time rift theme when, as in episodes 1 and 3 (Torchwood DVD 1) the location and characters being in two eras at once bit is repeated is repeated. I have to admit though the why a time rift is bad explanation in episode 3 is so well done even a science dropout like me understood it the first time around.

Also not quite impressive is Adrift which sort of plays like a sci-fi Cold Case. It is still pretty decent though.

Of course the Torchwood 2 season finale is cool. You also get to learn how everybody joined the organization. Cliffhangers?

DVD 4 of Torchwood The Complete Second Season includes a bloopers reel and a feature on the many lives of Captain Jack Harkness. DVD 5 is Torchwood Declassified with are behind the scenes bits and interviews for each episode: good stuff after you watch the shows.

Note to the people at Warner Home Video: The book form for a DVD set as used here is the way to go.

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