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Documentary - Last Flight Home


Last Flight Home - Searching For and Finding MIAs
Minutes of History Series
Produced and directed by Jennifer Powers and Daniel T. O?Brien
Documentary DVD
Inecom 2008
67 minutes

There are 88,000 American MIAs. 78,000 of these are from WW II. Last Flight Home is a DVD documentary that follows Dr. Patrick Scannon and volunteers of the BentProp Project as they look for airplane wreckage that might give a clue as to what happened and who were the airmen flying those downed planes. Anyone interested in World War II, history, or archeology will enjoy this well-made documentary.

Part of Inecom’s Minutes of History Series, Last Flight Home works because you get to know the airmen the BentProp project is looking for. Interviews with family members, photographs, archival and home movie footage, and stories about the missing airman give dimension and life to the missing person and the search.

This documentary is perhaps a bit too episodic. A case in point is when the researchers look for the remains of three POW’s executed by the Japanese. You are given bits and pieces of the search for their grave before the story moves on to the search for the B24 the men were flying in.

There is no doubt Last Flight Home is always interesting. Listening to the family members of the missing airmen, it is clear the wound is still fresh even some sixty years later and receiving information and proof of what happened brings closure to many. Unfortunately, not everybody or every wreckage is found so not everybody gets total closure but some do get a few more answers that allow them to bring things to a close.

An original aspect of Last Flight Home that really makes this DVD documentary is that some of the relatives of a missing marine go to Palau and join in the search or are brought to the crash site. This can be rather daunting as even outside the city center the jungle of Palau is very dense.

Directors Jennifer Powers and Daniel T. O’Brien have an eye for a beautiful image and yet do not overindulge in it. This brings a bit of beauty to these places. Some of their shots clearly show how eerie some of these crash sites can be.

Last Flight Home really makes you want to know more about Dr. Patrick Scannon and the BentProp project at www.bentprop.org

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