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Mainstream - Deception

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Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Michelle Williams
Directed by Marcei Langenegger
20th Century Fox Home Video 2008
107 minutes

Deception is one hell of a good thriller if you are in the right mood for it. This is a slow-paced movie that takes the time to set up all the pieces needed for the really good pay-off it is working towards. This DVD is a keeper if you like smart, moody movies and are a patient viewer.

Hugh Jackman carries Deception as Jonathan McQuarry, a quite little mouse of an accountant who makes a new pal, lawyer Wyatt Bose. He accidentally ends up with Boses’ cell phone and is thus introduced to a world of anonymous erotic encounters that really make him feel alive for a change. All good things, and this is a really good thing, have a price though, something McQuarry will soon learn after an encounter with a beautiful woman (Michelle Williams) who once caught his eye.

It is difficult to say a lot about Deception without revealing important elements of the plot and thus spoiling the thrill in this thriller. Suffice to say, perhaps, this is a smart, well put together story that will please those who like to think when they watch a mystery and McQuarry is a good name for a mousey accountant caught in a cat and mouse game.

Deception is also a visually lush movie and this fits in very well with the kind of world McQuarry finds himself enthralled by. Eroticism wise, this movie is well-made and on the subtle side,

Special features include the usual banalities such as director’s commentary track and Making Of. There is also a featurette on the world the accountant is lured into. Ho-hum.

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