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Mainstream - The New Centurions - George C. Scott / Stacey Keach

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The New Centurions
George C. Scott, Stacey Keach, Eric Estrada
Directed by Richard Fleischer
Originally released 1972
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
103 minutes

The New Centurions is a very good police drama DVD and cop ride-along movie starring Stacey Keach as rookie cop Roy Fehler who gets to learn Kilvinski’s laws from veteran cop and partner Kilvinski played by George C. Scott. In many ways, The New Centurions is very close to TV series Hill Street Blues, especially since it very much feels like a TV movie.

One of three good adaptations of one of three excellent cop novels by former policeman Joseph Wambaugh (The Onion Field and The Choirboys being the other two),The New Centurions follows LAPD officers on their rounds as a couple of veterans are breaking in some new centurions like Keach and Eric Estrada.

This is a very televisic, almost documentary-like cop movie as the story focuses on three pairs of cops during and after their shift, the main focus being on Fehler. There is a little bit of everything from violence to really good comedy such as the scene where a cop performs an on-the-spot divorce for a bickering couple or Kilvinski’s evening driving the hooker wagon.

Eventually, Fehler (Keach) gets more experience, joins the vice squad. This leads to a rather comic scene.

Although The New Centurions is very much a TV style production, it does not have your usual Hollywood ending.

Look for James Sikking playing pretty much the same character he played in Hill Street, Roger E. Mosley (Magnum P.I.),  and Isabel Sanford (The Jeffersons) in small roles.


The New Centurions is part of Sony’s “Martini Movies” line, a marketing ploy I fail to understand. Still, each DVD contains a short martini recipe clip and each disc has another martini recipe as illustration. Hmmm. Good thing this movie is not a coaster.

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