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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - Care Bears Care-A-Lot DVD Collection

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Care Bears Care-a-lot Collection
Care Bears, Care Bears Cousins, Evildoers
2 DVD 22 Episodes
Fox Home Entertainment 2008

The Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins are back and in great force!  This collection of the American Greetings (greeting cards) inspired characters has enough to keep any fan going for a long time. There are 22 episodes on this Care Bears Care-a-lot Collection two DVD set, for well over 4 hours of watching time.

The Care Bears are their usual loving and caring selves, eager to help anyone in trouble.  The only complaint that I have as a mother: the situations that the children get into when they are featured in the episodes are enough to make me turn off the TV. One example of this is in the episode “The Old Man and the Lighthouse”, where a group of 3 friends want to follow the lighthouse keeper and jump into a boat and do just that (without help or permission from an adult!).  Needless to say there is a lot to talk about with kids on what not to do! 

My kids really liked this collection. They liked that the bad guys were not too “bad”, and that their plans never truly worked out.  They wanted to be different characters in the story, and really liked the sweet nature of the Care Bears.  It must be said that there are too may episodes to watch at one time (my kids watched this over several Saturday and Sunday mornings). One other nice feature is that the episodes are fairly short, and therefore don’t require the same time commitment as a full-length feature.

Over all, I would recommend this DVD set for the younger kid set (2-8 years old), as older kids may not find the characters as engaging as the younger kids.

There are some repeats from earlier sets like Care Bears Sharing in the Sunshine  and Care Bears Ups and Downs


The episodes include The Birthday, The Old Man and the Lighthouse, The Cloud Worm, The Last Laugh, The Forest of Misfortune, Daydreams, Drab City, Runaway Soap Box Derby, Camp Braces, Split Decision, The Magic Shop, Magic Mirror

Disc 2: The Night the Stars Went Out, The Lucky Charm, The Show Must Go On, Concrete Rain, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, Dry Spell, Mayor For a Day, Wedding Bells

Carolyn Genge

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