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Horror - Joy Ride 2 Dead Ahead - Unrated

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Joy Ride 2 Dead Ahead - Unrated
Nicki Aycox, Mark Gibbon, Laura Jordan, Rusty Nail
Directed by Louis Morneau
20th Century Fox 2008
91 minutes

Joy Ride 2 Dead Ahead is a good ol’ fashioned horror movie DVD. You will enjoy this slice and dice epic where evil trucker Rusty Nail goes against a bunch of innocent teens. This movie does not waste time before it brings out the body parts and then does not waste time getting to the next massacre. Joy Ride 2 is a lot of fun if you like that kind of movie.

Four twenty somethings, newly engaged Mel and Bobby, Mel’s sister Kay and her MySpace found total loser beau Nik are driving to Las Vegas when their car breaks down on a dirt road. Being smart and all, they decide to borrow a cherry muscle car they find on a seemingly abandoned property. Being nice a nice kid and all, Mel even leaves a note and her number behind to explain they just borrowed said vintage car.

Of course, the car belongs to Rusty Nail, a humanitarian who understands the circumstances of the kids borrowing his pride and joy. To prove there are no hard feelings, he kidnaps Bobby and takes him and the kids on a joy ride.

You really wish he had taken Nick but then nobody would have felt sorry for him and there would have been no horror movie DVD.

I have not seen the first Joy Ride but Dead Ahead has some original ways to get the blood, gore, and body count that make this kind of movie a hit. The acting is also generally pretty decent and Nicki Aycox shows Mel is just a step up towards better movies and roles.

Special Features on Joy Ride 2 Dead Ahead are limited to a Making of, a short on horror make-up, and a storyboard comparison. We are spared the usual useless director’s commentary.

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